two little piggies and a playlist

(...pigtails not toes)

Her brother came out with a headful of thick hair.
Her head has been bald for her almost 2 years.
Some of those months, shiny bald.
But eventually the hair came in with soft fine wisps of strawberry blonde hair, that was still hard to see.
We still get mistaken for a boy.
Even in pink.
Even with her ears peirced.
And I hate those big giant headbands (and yes we tried them anyways).
But I finally made peace with my sweet bald babies head....and hold my tongue when someone asks how old my son is.

And then yesterday I picked her up from school and she looked like this.
She was in no mood for a photo session so I coulnd't get a smile out of her....but you get the idea.
Those wisps -- were long enough for two tiny pigtails.
And suddnely she looked every bit her almost 2 years.
And now if someone mistakes her for a boy I will punch them in the face.

And so here is an "all girl" (atleast mostly) playlist in her honor.


Beth (and Eric) said...

It's amazing how much Ingrid Michaelson's voice reminds me of living in Texas...

The first time I discovered that Paige had enough hair for piggy tails was when daycare did it too... Have fun with your little girl!

Kate said...

Oh, the hair! My girls are blessed(?) with slow growing curls. My baby was in a dress yesterday, and I was asked about my boy. Whatever.
Love those pigtails!

Corinne said...

Paige still doesn't have enough for that... :( Soon... hopefully soon.