all the single ladies....

…well the single moms at least.
Mad props to you.
My husband has been traveling much more than usual and I am so failing at the single gig.
As in right now, my son is watching G-force for the second time tonight.
And I’m pretty sure there is a one viewing per lifetime rule for a movie about talking hamsters. Or gerbils or whatever.
I don’t know because I have been de-licing Tess’s room.
Actually she doesn’t have lice that I know of.
But someone in her class does.
And when I picked her up from school and they handed me the letter,
I flashed back to all those “lice checks” in school where you had to put your head down on your desk and the nurse came and picked through your hair.
I was always petrified they would find something and washed my hair with vigilance that night.
Lets just say, for the first time I was super thankful that Tess has almost no hair.
But still, the sheets and clothes and pillows and blankies and teddy bears all must be washed. And I am feeling a little paranoid itch myself.

And back to my sucking at this single mom thing.
Today my kids ate McDonalds.
I actually had to wait in line, that went all the way outside because it was McTeacher night or something crazy and teachers and adminstrators at my kids school were working (holding a wet rag to wipe off tables that weren’t free while really just chatting it up with all their friends). Waiting 20 minutes in line to eat at McDonalds almost made me physically ill. Even more physically ill than actually eating at McDonalds.
But my kids loved every second of the over-packed crazy place. McNuggets and all.
And my son spotted a girl in his class and strode over to her table where she was sitting with her parents, pulled himself up a chair and started performing physical feats to impress her. Like putting his shoes on his head and running around and under the table. I was slightly mortified (but a little thankful he wasn't do his new favorite dance move the moonwalk) and introduced myself to the mom and said, “I guess our kids are in the same class”, to which she replied. “Oh yes, this must be the Owen she talks about him every day”.
Every day.
I can barely get the kid to tell me what they had for lunch, or if they had PE or music class.
But apparently my son is full of antics and dance moves and is something to write home about.
Or, and probably more likely, the teacher just says his name a lot.

I had big plans tonight to go to the gym, get caught up on papergrading and possibly even watch the last two episodes of Parenthood.
The gym was a bust. Dirty diapers (they don’t change them), forgotten swimsuits ( wanted to swim laps and save my knees, and no headphones (I can NOT do anything on the treadmill without tunes) caused me to turn my car right back around and stop at the nearest RedBox I could find.
For that horrible gerbil (or is it hamster) movie.

And papers.
They never even made it out of my car.

Parenthood. Well that would require finding the remote. Which sounds far too taxing for me at the moment.

Here’s to hoping that my kids survive long enough for their dad to make it home.
Hurry up. We miss you.
Also, he seemed to have packed the only razor in the house….so if you happen to see me tomorrow, maybe try not to look below the knee.

and yes i realize this post was completely pointless and total rambling. So sorry. I need my better half around to stop me from this kind of nonsense.

And if you were reading this blog in hopes of advice for actual single ladies. I do have one: UFC night. I accidentally went into a bar on UFC night with an old college friend recently and we were the only girls in the place. Wall to wall 20-40 year old men. We were there a grand total of 3 minutes and am pretty sure got hit on atleast a half dozen times each before frantically fleeing the scene. Also I wasn't wearing makeup, so clearly their bar was low. I made a mental note if I ever find myself desperate and back in the dating start watching UFC. I am not really even sure what UFC is, but I bet it is better than talking gerbils.
or hamsters.


samskat said...

Chad works odd hours, so I am the one who does most of the evening parenting...let me just say, I COULD NOT DO THIS BY MYSELF FULL TIME.....mad, mad props to the single mommies.