tess is two

Two years and one day ago, we were just another family of three.
And we didn't know how easy we had it.

Hurst, table for four, is at least 10X more work than the table for three.
We are way more broke. Way more tired. My car is even more disquisting than it used to be and suddenly there are dolls scattered among the Legos in the living room.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Today, my sweet Tess is two.
And nothing about this girl has been easy. From a long sick pregnancy, to a scary delivery, to lots of long sleepless nights, ear infection after ear infection and temper tantrums. But, she has always always been ridiculously easy to love.

The biggest lesson you have taught me is that people are different, even ones that look just alike. What works for one kid, doesn't necesarily work for the other. One kid will sleep through the night at 8 weeks, and the next kid will finally get the hang of it around 21 months. My fabulous parenting skills before you got here were just pure luck. You make look just like your brother, and you can both do some serious dancing. but that is where the similarities end.

When I found out I has having a girl, I was excited of course.
But also a little bit afraid. I am not a big fan of pink.
That I would be girly enough for you. That I would know how to do french braid your hair or buy you the right dolls and clothes.
But you have been all girl from the begining and needed no guidance from me.
Put you in a dress, and you instantly twirl.
You could have your toes painted everyday and somehow amazingly manage to sit still for the process. Once I even caught you sleeping with a pair of shoes all snuggled up like a teddy bear under your arms. And give you a dolly and a diaper and you can entertain yourself for hours.  Of course you can make do with some hot wheels and Legos too in a pinch.

And you know exaclty what you want and never hesitate to ask for (demand) it. Even though you are only two, sometimes you and your daddy have screaming matches like you are a teenager. Mostly he wins. But only mostly. You two are the same. Introverted, introspective and occasionally stubborn. It taks you both a while to warm up to people and you both are a good judge of character (yes, even before you could talk you could pick the good ones and didn't hesitate to give your stink eye to everyone else). And I'm pretty sure yall will but heads for the next 20 years or so. And of course, besides your brother he is your favorite. Even if he makes you sit in the corner or didn't give you another cookie. You light up whenever he is in the room.  And then immediately start trying to push his buttons.

And your brother is your favorite person on the planet. You love him more than Elmo, or cell phones or possibly even chocolate. You both spend hours dancing in the living room. Fighting, giggling and breaking each other's toys. Even as sassy and prissy as you are, you can hold your own with the boys. And he would do anything for you. Even share his donut. And that is asking a lot.

So happy birthday sweet girl. Here's to many more years of watching you twirl, and dance in the living room.  I hope this year brings you more hair, big girl panties, more dollies to boss around and that you stop trying to chew gum that you pulled off from under the tables at resturaunts.
The table for four.

(and thanks rhonda, for taking such a great shot! sorry that you almost threw up when she chewed someone else's gum)


Beth (and Eric) said...

How beautiful. Seriously beautiful blog, and words that Tess can treasure as she grows up.

This made me tear up of course... (and get a little scared for a Table of 4 too!)

Corinne said...

Happy birthday to Tess :)
I agree... adding that fourth person to our family created SO much more of everything... in a good way, of course!
She is precious!

Dawn said...

Happy birthday, Tessie. Love, Liam and Jax

Sarah said...

Serious cuteness. Love the way you managed to "sum her up" in such a short post, I feel like I know her.

Margie said...

Love this! And I cracked up about the gum. And Rhonda's picture leaves me breathless.

Alyssa said...

So stinkin' cute!!!