the friday playlist....with a little help

I used to have a cd habit. I had one of those huge black cd holder things that held like 100 cds. And some of mine had 2-3 cds in each pocket. I joined BMG and everything
And I still occasionally go a little crazy on itunes.

But for the most part. I am no loner that hip girl with the huge cd collection. So I need a little help finding current good tunes. I have my sources....
And one of my favorites is my 15 year old nephew who plays the trombone and knows a good tune when he hears one.
He needed some help from me on a science project. I said sure, if he'd write my playlist this week. Which he happily obliged.
And of course it is so current that some of the songs aren't even in grooveshark...(she's leaving home by outasight and holy roller novacaine by my terrible friend).