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My husband just sent me this link.
Go read it. Try not to cry.

CNN headlines

This couple was one of the first ones we met when we moved here and got involved in a church.I vaguely knew there was a story there. But never the details.
Mostly I knew that he would always sport a funny t-shirt and be the first one to laugh at a joke. And that I didn’t want to go up against him at Ultimate Frisbee. His wife and I were in a mom’s group for awhile……..and we have been to a few of that sweet boy’s birthday parties.
We have sinced moved to a different church and mostly run in different circles. But his story hit me. Not so much the unspeakable tragedy. But the amazing compassion and healing that came from it. His dad literally shot him in the head after killing his mom and his brother and later himself. Medics declared everyone in the house dead.
They were wrong.
And after all this. He tells his CNN interviewer that he knows that God has a plan. He looks at his son and states proudly the good that came from this. And I have heard that boy laugh. I brought over chicken enchiladas after he was born. I have seen his soccer pictures. And God is indeed good.
What also struck me, is what he says helped save him. Eventually telling his youth director his story , and a friend. And seeing them both cry. Seeing that he was loved. Tears and love can heal some pretty big wounds. Even ones made by a .38.


Davene said...

Wow, thanks for posting this link. How tragic, but how beautiful at the same time. Good out of evil. Amazing grace.

Margie said...

I can't believe this link. I've read it several times. And you know them!