funny photos from my phone

I think I have admitted here before that no one would ever accuase me of being "tech savvy".
which is ironic for a girl who spends so much time on her blog.
but really, I've already told you that I can't use my scanner. still true.
and this confession is even more shocking. I don't know how to upload my pictures on my iphone to facebook. And yes I know it is super easy. I've watched friends do it for me a handful of times. But have never even attempted it myself. Which is a shame, because I am all about a funny photo. And plenty live inside my phone. Here are just a few...

1. my friend thais, never one to pass up a piggy back ride. good thing she weighs like 5 lbs. And yes, we were in public. a very crowded mall on tax-free weekend. the people waiting on us to take this picture were less than amused.

2. I decided to try on a swim cap in the car. alone. and take a picture of it. which is probably a horrendous safety hazard. and just weird. but not as weird as the fact that i look like a gypsy rather than a girl in a swim cap.

3. what my kids do on the sidelines at a soccer game. coneheads.
again they come up with this stuff all on their own.

4. a little bit of heaven. and no i am not referring to my husband, although he is pretty sweet too. sweet sammies. your choice of 2 warm cookies and a scoop of whatever bluebell icecream you want all for about 2 bucks. i'm in love with both of them :)

5. my friend vanessa. she moved, but not before I could buy her a pineapple.

6. i heart buckees. possibly the best gas station ever. and the only good reason i know to stop in madisonville. it is enough to almost make me look forward to the drive. and beaver nuggets are amazingly addictive. they are kind of like giant super sugar coated pops cereal. and that description is so not doing them justice. next time. stop and try them for yourself. and the bathrooms are sparkling clean!

7. yes, that is a dead rat.

8. owen tearing into his freebird. wearing my 5$ walmart shades. he is the coolest kid i know. even though those shades are not doing him any favors.

9. this peice of flesh is my back. right after my last allergy test. feel free to count all 80+ pricks. turns out i'm still allergic to just about everything.

10. Tessie and her cupcake. speaking of cupcakes...i can't believe she will be two in just a few days!

There are dozens more crazy pics hiding out in my phone, but I'll save them for another time....and feel free to add your own captions below.


Amelia said...

fun pics! and where was that dead rat??? that's so gross!!!!

Stephanie Flaa said...

Thanks for the midst of this crazy mess, called always give me a good laugh....

I have a book idea for you to help me with....already pitched to Tina too...but we need some humor!


Anonymous said...

Oh dang, sorry you had to do the scratch test. It's been many moons for me since I did it, but I still remember it. Sorry you're allergic to the world. Have you looked into NAET treatments? I haven't tried them myself, but one of my "sisters from another mister" friends takes her 3 year old to have it done and she said it's helped her little girl. Google it and see what you think. HTH. And I hope you feel better. And I think you're probably allergic to dead rats, too.

samskat said...

I love this!!! Thank you for another good and your kids do it every time. I had something amusing to say, but I got distracted...and now it's gone.

samskat said...

Bucees!!! That's what it was A-MAZING bathrooms! Just found out a couple of weeks ago...a little wary of the beaver nuggets, though.

michelle said...

amelia = the dat rat was in my classroom. we cut that baby up ;)
steph = i need to hear about this book idea. email me. and i miss you. when do you come back to tx for a visit?
alisha- not my first allergy test. and i'll have to look up the NAET treatments. mine are awful. the shots do help though...
Kat - try the nuggets. You will not regret it. i promise!

mommaof3 said...

I HEART beaver nuggets! I totally had to use major self control and consider our new budget and not buy them on Sunday. And it was even my birthday weekend.....frowny face....