Free Coffee!

Freshman year, I lived in the dorms and Friday night dinner often consisted of a bowl of captain crunch. A friend’s parents came to visit her. And they were fabulous parents who volunteered to save not only their daughter, but also some of her friends on her floor (shout out 4th floor Stangel) from eating dorm food.
And they treated us to dinner at Olive Garden.
About halfway through the salad, her mom turns to us and says,
“So girls, tell me when you were saved?”
I about choked on my breadstick.

I am not sure how I responded. But I am pretty sure there was some mumbling and looking at my shoes.
Even though I had a real answer. I was super uncomfortable giving my “testimony” to people I had just met.
And to be honest.
You could ask me the same question right now, and I’d probably cringe and spit out some lame version of 8th grade church camp.

But if we just started talking. Really talking.
About things I love and like and where I’ve been and what I’ve learned and who I am.
Then I’d get a chance to tell you my story.
And ultimately Jesus’s story. Even if I never mentioned him by name.

To this day, I really don’t know what to do or say when someone tries to witness to me.
When a church group knocks on my door to invite me to their church.
When someone downtown hands me a tract.
I always find myself a little embarrassed for them.
But maybe I should really be applauding them for their courage and boldness.

And when I signed up for this blog tour I didn’t read the small print.
As in, the subtitle on the book that said “Making the Most of Spiritual Small Talk”.
Because small talk gives me a rash.
Especially if I am supposed to be talking about my faith.
Saying things like “have blessed day” or “if you died tonight, where would you go?”
Asking about quiet times and prayer life.
I think I might rather go back and choke on that breadstick.

But I read the book anyways.
Since Zondervon was kind enough to provide me with a free copy and all.
And discovered that it isn’t so much a book about small talk.
As it is a book about listening.
Which is really probably the best way to share Jesus that I know.

Oh, and the free coffee part….
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