clariol and quicksand

Sometimes I get this urge to do something a little drastic.
And I’m mostly too old for piercings and tattoos (ok that hasn't really stopped me yet, but at least not during the school year), so last night I had to settle for a bottle of hair dye. And I’m not really sure what it is, but somehow the 8.99$ spent on whatever dye I choose always seems to renew me. At least a little. I know this is a little teenagerish of me to think that new hair will make me a new girl. But it always seems to help.

Last weekend, I ran a race and at one point we were trudging through the mud and the people in front of us stopped in their tracks.
Quick sand. They warned.
And they tugged and pulled and retrieved lost shoes from the mud.
The trick was just to keep moving. Not to stop. Because each time I paused, to catch my breathe, I would sink a little bit lower. And further. Making it only harder to move at all.
This week has felt a little bit like quicksand.
And it is probably because I am barely keeping my head above water. Much less moving forward.
I am stuck. And sinking. And occasionally even moving backwards.
And I refuse to stay here.

And last night as I lathered in my new shade (which is pretty much just my old shade because I wasn't brave enough to go for the black and thought that purple might get me in trouble at work), I wondered why I always want some physical change to represent a mental one.
And I think that color #46 should not be named lame “dark brown”
But instead,
“I am not the same girl yesterday that I am right now.
I am not stuck.
I have shiny vibrant hair, instead of the dull lackluster dead ends I sported yesterday. And this girl can tackle anything.
Even quick sand.”

But maybe that is too much to fit on the box.

Bigger Picture Moment

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Alisha said...

Amen to that! Isn't it crazy how much "new" hair makes you feel like a "new" you? My color is "Just TRY to stand in my way, world, Red." I just feel like telling everyone to bend over for the boot when I do my hair.

Carolyn Phillips said...

I had never dyed my hair until last year, when I did it just for a change and was amazed at how it made me feel, and have done it again since then (and now keep looking and think it needs doing again). It makes me stand straight and look the world in the eye.

Love the idea of the colours being labelled by how they make us feel and react, maybe you should suggest it, there is a marketing scheme there!

Hyacynth said...

Yes, maybe a little much for the side of a box but defintely a marketing campaign.
I used to dye my hair or get pierced whenever I needed change, too. It never mattered that I was craving inner change but only altering the outside because it did the trick -- it made me feel different. Now I don't have time for hair dye or piercing, so I've moved to accessories. Not as cool, but it works. I also do a much better job now of instilling inner change, which has helped with the quicksand feelings .
Thanks for sharing and linking! Love reading your thoughts.

Kimberly said...

In college, I would dye my hair whenever I began to feel the restlessness setting in. That's why my parents have pictures of me with red, blonde, black, brown with aubrun highlights just to name a few.

I have moved away from reaching for the Clariol when I need a change. But I still find other way to reinvent myself - from changing my make up routine to purchasing a few new outifits.

Your post resonated with me so much. Thanks for sharing your bigger picture momment