updates #2

Recently I met with my writer’s group. We hadn’t met in a handful of months and some of those girls I don’t usually see other places. So we spent a good portion of our time just catching up (and eating frozen yogurt). One girl in the group asked about my friend Beth. That I had blogged about. And then I started thinking about it and a handful of other friends have asked about her. Because I have a tendency to just throw stuff out in the blogosphere and never really follow up…..I thought I’d take a moment to update everyone on the current status of some of my posts in the last few months.

1. Beth. Yes, she is still pregnant. I think going on 26 weeks or something like that and moved back to Maryland. Which makes me miserably sad for me and ridiculously happy for her. Keep praying for that sweet baby girl. So far she is growing perfectly and I can't wait to hold her. Even if I freakin have to fly to Maryland to make that happen.
2. yoga. Went back tonight. Still bad at it, but didn’t ask any dumb questions this time (or fart). And I brought my husband mainly so there would be someone worse than me in the room.
3. running. Still going. But am kind of hitting a wall. My runs are getting shorter rather than longer. But I have new shoes and am thinking of signing up for a sprint tri. But I’m not really sure how I feel about all that biking and swimming.
4. My impressive technology skills. I still don’t know how to work the scanner.
5. Tess’s tubes. Tess is still mean and sassy. But she sleeps lightyears better than she did before the tubes. I wish I had done it a year ago! Although the last few nights have been less than stellar…
6. Biting. The tubes have really helped the biting too. She still occasionally bites her brother, but he usually deserves it.
7. freckles. She has more. I have lost count :(
8. summer reading list. Read most of it, plus more than half dozen others. My favorites on the list were Will Jesus Buy me a DoubleWide, Picking Dandelions, Eat Pray Love and Justice in the Burbs. Just ordered Pure Scum and Tattoos on the Heart. And right now I am in the middle of Matthew Paul Turner’s, Hear No Evil and Present Perfect by Gregory Boyd. Both of which I love.
9. dance parties. We have had more than our share this summer. And still no cable. I’m sure we will break down and get something before football season….but for now we are saving some cash and spending less time in front of the TV.
10. the nose ring. It is still in and I am on the fence about what to do with for the school year.
11. On imaginary friends and apologies. I am still being really bad at lately. Recently, I have come to some self realizations about what kind of friend I have been and even what kind of acquaintance. This summer I have connected with old friends in the best kind of ways but am stressing my current friendships with my brashness, my mouth, my insensitive, the fact that I don’t receive criticism well and some double standards. So again. I’m sorry. I’m listening even if I don’t act like it and I’m working on it. I promise.
12. My haircut. It has grown out. I’m over it. As a matter of fact I need a new one…..
13. Owen and soccer. We have taken a good long break, but the newest season is just beginning. And yes, I signed him up again….because it isn’t soccer he doesn’t like but not being the star. And well, I think there are bigger lessons to be learned here. Unfortunately, he has mostly just learned to compensate lack of skill with being a clown. Hmmm….wonder where he got that from.
14. my car. it is worse than ever. thanks to wet swim towels and lots of snow cones.
15. some central themes in the last few months. faith. doubt. poverty and justice. still processing.
16. On my unproductivity. I did at least finish defensive driving. Mainly because of that court order and all. That is about all I can say I accomplished so far this summer. Besides of course reading lots of books and spending lots of time with my favorite three people.


Corinne said...

Love the updates :)
So sad your friend moved... but if you go to MD you might as well just come on up to Boston for a visit too!

Margie said...

Would love to talk to you more about the books. Loved all the updates - had had thoughts about where you were on all of them. Thanks!