happy hearts

Today is valentines.
A girl holiday if you ask most guys. But I beg to differ. No I am not a girl who needs all kinds of hoopla. We did simple.
Shaun got me coffee ( starbucks gift card), chocolates and a sweet funny card. I got him some popcorn ( really lame I know) and a bottle of port.
Last night we opened the wine, broke out the chocolates and piled into our bed babies and all.
There were no flowers or fancy dinner. But my heart is full.
The morning didn't start out so good. Both kids woke up with a fever and we had to nix our daytrip plans.
We mostly stayed around the house.
We all took naps and I even got in a run. Both of which are gifts these days.

Yesterday when I picked up Owen his class was crazy. There were all hopped up on candy and were spinning around the room and screaming.
Besides candy and cupcakes it was a good chance to talk to my son about love.
the important kind and not just the hallmark variety.