under attack

Today we are getting a new roof and I can't even begin to describe the noises coming from above me. It sounds like an all out aerial assault.
I kind of feel under attack myself.
Let me whine a bit:
The cat is peeing blood and needs to be put to sleep.
Owen has the flu.
Tess is still more than we can handle.
The after baby hormones are raging.. I feel like I could bust out crying at any moment ( although I haven't quite found the time to do it just yet)...and am sure my hair will be falling out soon ( like it did w/ O in the front like balding man!)
I am so tired and stressed that sleeping has actually become difficult even when there isn't a screaming baby ( or roofers) in the background.
So what is my response to all of this...
well besides taking Tylonal PM and lots of coffee ( not at the same time of course).

1) acccepting help. last night a friend had pizza delivered. It was amazing and I was so thankful to not have to think about dinner. Sounds little, but food is an amazing gift. Another called to check on me and Tess was screaming full force in the background. She asked if she should come over. I know the right response was "no, we've got it"...but I said yes and got to run an errand in peace ( and regain just a little bit of sanity).
2) focus on other people. You just read my short whine list...but really my problems aren't so bad. There are several people around me "under attack" as well. A little bit of perspective goes a long ways.

It is funny that those are things that I avoid most of the time.
And it's not all about me.
I can't help but think that God is trying to tell me something.
Now, if only I could hear him over all that racket on the roof.


Alyssa said...

I'm so sorry you're under attack. I love your ability to put the tough stuff into perspective and to humble yourself by asking for help. Beautiful.