a jog in the park

Last year when I found out I was pregnant and how much two kids in daycare would cost we had to nix several non essential expenses. Like the gym.

Fast forward a few months. My baby is getting bigger, but I don't seem to be getting any smaller.
I have tried several times ... when I get the chance...to go for a run. or slow jog. or even occasionally walk.

A lot of people hate to run on a treadmill but it does have it's advantages. A steady pace and I always know exactly how far and how long I have been at it. There are clean white towels to wipe my brow and usually some boring HGTV on to try and distract me. Most importantly it is temperature controlled. Never too hot or too cold.

Last night a cold front rolled in. Not too cold, but enough to usually discourage me from breaking out my sneaks. Enough to make my lungs burn and for it to aggrevate my slight asthma.

But this afternoon we were all magically and happily napping (yes even me!) at the same time. I woke up and realized that I could go for a run. So I loaded up the ipod, laced up the tennis shoes and zipped up my jacket.

I didn't go to my usual favorite trail but stayed a little closer to home. I jogged. Slowly around the park a few times. I watched kids swing, got sniffed by a few dogs, watched someone reel in a fish, dodged geese and breathed in real air. Everyone on the trail smiled or nodded appropriately. It was nice to not be in a line of machines running to nowhere.

My favorite part of these outdoor runs is when I am spent. When my legs and lungs burn and I can't seem to push myself any further. There are no dials in front of me telling me exactly how far or how fast I went. There is no timer telling me when I am finished. Instead I stop and walk. I switch the ipod over to something a little calmer, breathe and take in the world around me.