the sick fairy

So I have become a fan of strep. Yes you read that correctly. The sick fairy comes to visit our house mid fall and sticks around until about Easter. There is always always the flu, regardless of whether or not we get the flu shot, breathing issues, puking, coughs, sniffles, occasional rashes but most of all just random high fevers that disappear as mysteriously as they appear and usually linger for days.
Most years this is just annoying and reason for me to miss out on valuable sleep and catch up on TiVo and let my son overindulge in cartoons. But this year it is especially tricky since I pretty much began the year with no sick days (well the part of the year after I had a baby I mean). I have been the bad mommy who gives her child Tylonal and sends her kid to school anyways hoping to atleast make it until lunch before they call and ask someone to come pick him up....more often that I'd like to admit. (oh come on.......plenty of you have done it.....a) that is where he got it from anyways, b) if you were charged 280$ a day for every day you missed you would do it too!).
I have memorized the pediatrician's #. Learned that you must start dialing at exactly 8:01 am. I can tell temperature accurately to a tenth of a degree with the back of my hand and can literally quote the back of the motrin box from memory.
Usually our doctors visits end up with multiple swabs.......and negative tests....Tess even had to have Xrays last week ( all clear). No diagnosis. No medicine. Just a virus. Wait it out. Tylonal for the fever. Nothing for my lack of sleep. We usually pick up some other random virus in the waiting room and extend our illness another few days.

This mornings dr visit was a success. No one else in the waiting room to get us another kind of sick. A positive strep culture and best of all a shot in the butt to make it all better within 24 hours. The dr even assured me that O should be good to go to school on Monday. As far as sick goes, strep is totally the best.
Now if we only knew what was wrong with Tess...........


Sars said...


I feel the same way. I prefer ear infections, though, as they are generally not contagious and cost next-to-nothing to treat. Chloe is rocking both an ear infection (going on 3 weeks now)and a virus at moment, so that's a pain, but you know, could be worse.

You are hysterical.