We have yet to recieve our stimulus check from the IRS.
According to the posted schedule it was supposed to be mailed on June 13. Trust me I have been keeping an eye on my mailbox for that little brown envelope. I hear that they are behind and don't worry about it. I even ask my dad the cpa who says the same thing.
It has kind of been ok, that it hasn't shown up yet because...........that means I haven't been tempted to spend it. Well, as much at least.
I have been a little stressed about finances once Tess gets here. My maternity leave absolutely sucks and my paycheck will be very short for several months + infant childcare is crazy expensive. We seem to be spending what we have now, but we are going to have to come up with an extra 700-800$ a month for her ( and that doesn't count diapers and formula and onsies). My stimulus check was supposed to help purchase a few baby things and add to a little cushion for those months where we run out of money.

And then we sprung a leak. Which turned into a gusher.
Right smack in the middle of the driveway ( underneath 0f course). This means jackhammers would be involved. This means thousands.
Turns out we need water. After getting ready for 3 mornings in a row without it, I have really started to appreciate what happens when you turn the faucet and water actually comes out.
A few quotes later and there is no way around the thousands.
I feel like God is leading us to get a grip on our finances and trust in him rather than my own cushion.

The plumbers come and tear up our driveway and front yard and fix the leak.
Well, at least we have that stimulus check coming that will help pay for at least a portion of the plumbing bill. (so much for cushion) Good news my dad is an accountant ........so I get him to check on things.

Apparently my check was mailed over a month ago. I get a phone # to call, an extension and a reference #. So I dial the IRS and am not suprised when I am put on hold. I am a little surprised to be on hold 10, 20, 30 and even 40 minutes later. After 44 minutes of elevator music I hear a beep and a real person is on the other end! I explain my situation. She asks me all kinds of questions to verify it was me and finally tells me what I already told her that my check was mailed over a month ago. Then I hear an odd beep and the line goes dead. Apparently I had been on hold for so long that my phone died! I frantically run to the next phone but it is too late. I get dial tone.

Lots of explatives later I try to call back. I am hoping last time was a fluke and that I will get through much faster now. I know Shaun thinks I must have been exagerating ( I might tend to do that from time to time)........and looks suprised to come home and STILL find me on hold. He makes the genius suggestion of using the speaker option. Whew, my hands are finally free and my ears aren't getting all sweaty. Another 45 minutes later alomst exactly and another real person gets on the phone. I fill her in and answer her crazy questions to verify that I am me. She places me on hold again and comes back to cofirm that my check was indeed mailed over a month ago. At this point I have waited on hold for 45 minutes for some info that I found online ( or had my dad find) hours ago. I try to hold back my frustration because this poor girl on the phone is not responsible. I assure her that we never got it. That my husband didn't get it and secretly cash it. She then says that she will but a search on it and get back to me in 45 days. I ask if I can expect a new check to be issued in 45 days and I swear I hear her supressing a laugh. She tells me that it will take 45 days for them to determine if the check was cashed or not. Then the begin the process of canceling it and issuing a new one ( probably another 45 days). If the was actually stolen our timetable is even longer.
I know that the irs is dealing with millions of checks, but it only takes me 45 seconds to see if one of my checks has cleared. I ask her can't they just type in the check # and see the status of the check. She says sortof and that I should hear back from someone in 45 days.

I call my dad, thinking I am just getting the run around and they will deal with him much faster. Nope he tells me to expect a letter in 45 days that says they haven't gotten to me yet and to wait another 45 days. He tells me that I will be lucky to get a check by Christmas.

I am almost willing to wait that long if it means I do not have to ever call them back.


spaghettipie said...

oh, big bummer. sorry to hear the bad news about your lack of being stimulated.