if you like to talk to tomatoes....

Shaun always starts some kind of project with my pregnancies. This one was a big garden ( I think he is trying to escape the house!). Him and O dug and planted a few months ago and go and water most nights. They planted lots of things like corn, sunflowers, tomatoes, basil, mint, dill, peppers, carrots, and more. About half has survived. We have enjoyed some of the fruits of their labor. I used the basil, chewed on the mint, admired the flowers and sliced up the cucumbers. They have also produced some of the largest tomato plants I have ever seen. They have dwarfed O in height and look lusciously green and healthy. They are often covered in blossoms. However, no fruit. ( Yes, tomatoes are technically fruit).
Shaun was talking with a client over lunch about his garden and asking for tips on his vivacious tomatoes. The advice was surprising. Stop watering them. They are being over-watered. They are putting all their energy into growth and aren’t producing.
I can’t help but make the obvious connection here. I thought growth was good. We all need to be watered and fed. Can there be too much of that?
Apparently sometimes we need to stop and bear some fruit.
I am not good at that part. The fruit, the whole point.
I like to take it all in. Read and grow but not do so much about it.
I guess it is time to stop watering, and start producing.