generic Jesus

Lately in some of my attempts to save money I have been buying alot more things generic. You know the plain store brand package rather than the brand names we have come to love.
Sometimes generic just doesn't cut it. For example, maccaroni and cheese needs to be Kraft. Dr. Thunder is no replacement for Dr. Pepper. For the most part however, the stuff is the same. I hear alot of it is even produced in teh same factory and tehy just slap on different labels. We are paying extra for the pretty labels and commercials and comfort of old friends like: Betty Crocker, the Green Giant and even the Keebler Elves. Somewhere along the way, all the commercials and ads seemed to convince us that these brands were better and well worth the extra change.

Jesus came in one of those plain labels.
Some people missed out because they expected a much more sparkly package. They wanted more hype than he was willing to give. They wanted a sales pitch.
Jesus wasn't really into selling himself. He didn't pass out tracts or use phrases like "winning people to Christ". But he still managed to fulfill all his prophecies and then some. He spoke truth, sometimes quietly. Sometimes he yelled. He served. He healed. He washed feet. But mostly he just loved.
No sales pitch. No name brand. Just Jesus.