band-aid addict

Owen is addicted to Band-aids.
Diego and Spiderman are his favorites but he has been known to sport: Mickey, Big Bird, Camo and even Dora in a pinch.
He will even wear the "flesh" colored ones. ( Although I do wonder if anyone actually has flesh that color?). It isn't just the sticker or cartoon figure...but O seems to think they have magical powers. They can make almost any ow-ie better.
It can be a bug bite, a bruise or a scratch or an ow-ie that doesn't even leave a mark. Blood or no blood. I think he could break his arm and would still ask for a band-aid. Even if the wound doesn't hurt anymore or is a week old....he can still cry until the band-aid is firmly attached.
My son is also very feng shui and must have balance. If one knee has a band-aid, so must the other. He displays them proudly and will gladly show strangers his band-aids and tell them about what they are covering up ( if anything).

I wonder when we grow out of this? When did band-aids stop fixings our hurts? When did we start trying so desperately to hide them? When we were little we ran around showing off our scrapes and scars. Even the minor ones. Even the imagined ones. Sometimes even the internal ones. And usually someone was there to kiss them and bind our wounds. Now most of us try to hide our hurts and ache even more that no one seems to notice or care. We wonder why it doesn't get any better. We still want, exactly what O does. To be held and kissed and taken care of. We have a Father who doesn't think we are too big for this. He might even have a spiderman band-aid or two.


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

Great connection! I loved this! And FYI, some of us are actually lighter than the so named "flesh-colored" bandages. :)