peace and quiet and turkey

My parents cook all night and all morning for a ridiculous feast. Usually for atleast 20. And more often than not there is someone around the table (tables to be more accurate) that I have never seen before in my life. Ever.
They may or may not be related to me.
And that hardly matters as long as they are willing to flatter the cook(s) and pour my dad another glass or wine. or bourbon. or slice of pecan pie.
Holidays at my house are a little crazy.
There will be yelling. There will be enough food to feed 40. My dad will tablescape and cook something I can’t pronounce and it will be delicious. Plates are paper and people often fight over leftovers. Prayers are long winded minisermons. There are 8 grandkids all competing for who can be the noisiest. And there is often football in the front lawn or atleast nerf balls being thrown off the balcony. There will be bad words. And at least one person will pass out. From too much turkey. Or wine. Or both.

I have spent the last few days with my husband’s family. I’ve said it several times before. I know my way around this town better than my own. And it is a lot quieter.
No one was up at 5 am cooking.
My mom didn’t set trays of dressing out on the breezeway because there wasn’t anymore room in the fridge, only to have it eaten by neighborhood dogs. (this was classic, and never again was the ping pong table used as food storage regardless of the outside temperature). The plates were real. And we all fit around one table.
It is almost 7 pm and we are all still awake. There was a turkey trot. Numerous games of candy land, checkers, 100 piece puzzles, a little bit of crafting. I’ve read more than one book. The kind without pictures. I’d try to go to a movie, except I don’t think the theatre here is open today. I ate really good food. Cobbler. I can’t recall anyone dropping any f-bombs. Tess has a stomach bug. But other than that it has been a restful, calm, day of too much yummy food. I have spent a great deal of it in yoga pants. I won’t be venturing out in a few hours for black Friday sales. And I hope to still be in bed until I can’t ignore my kids any longer and then I will venture out in my pjs. Pour myself a cup of coffee. Eat some cobbler for breakfast. And watch more TV. Read more books. Play more checkers. And probably go for another run.

And I will go back home tomorrow or the next day a few pounds heavier. Well read. Well rested. Calmer. Like I’ve been doing yoga instead of just laying around on someone else’s couch. I might have even graded all those papers I brought that are still sitting in the truck. And all of those things will be good for me. Except the pounds. But the 20+ miles I’ve ran this week should help balance that out.

And this is going to sound a little nuts….because I love all that. I need it to make it through December (well maybe I could have done without the half dozen jelly cookies I ate. just today) but I miss the loud and the crazy and of course the pie.

...and my favorite holiday movie. ever. and almost makes me feel like I am at home. be warned this isn't rated PG.

PS. Who wants to go to Fajita Jacks????


redheadreverie said...

OMG - I thought I was the only one who knew that movie. In some ways life resembles movies right?

Kate said...

Happy calm thanksgiving. I missed my pie too .