second six weeks playlist

I'm a teacher. I think in time frames of six weeks.
And today is the end of my kid's second six weeks in kindergarten.
(and thankfully, i have one more of mine b/c I haven't graded since progress reports!)

But today my son gets out early and is officially 1/3 of the way finished with his first year in school.
12 weeks ago he struggled to count to twenty. Tonight he fired off to 110.
12 weeks ago and I read the bedtime stories. Tonight he read me one.
12 weeks ago I was nervous about him making friends. Tonight I spent a good portion of the evening on the phone working out his social calendar.
11 weeks ago we had our share of ugly notes home. These days he comes home with a lot more stamps and smiley faces.

He loves school. He is totally hot for his teacher and some girl named Whitney in his class. And he can't wait to do his homework.
Tonight we didn't have any homework, but were planning for tomorrow's show and tell. His jumping beans have stopped jumping and he hasn't lost any teeth yet.
He was a little stumped so I suggested that he resort to what we did the first week when I wasn't sure if he was supposed to bring anything.
Dance.  Because he totally has some new moves (well new old moves like the moonwalk, the runing man, the grocery cart and even the hammer)
He told me that his teacher said you couldn't dance for show and tell.
I'm thinking of scheduling a conference.

(and the husband left the new dance footage at work, so I'll have to upload later....I promise I'll put it up but here is the original show and tell...)