almost thanksgiving

I'm not going to lie.
I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas.
I mean, I like the meaning of Christmas the best...but there is so much pressure.
And so much to buy. And lots of parties and places to be.
Thanksgiving is just the food. And the people you love the most and even a few you don't even like gathered around the table.

In a handful of hours I am going to be off for an entire week. And in a few days I'll be heading home. And my family can cook and drink and swear and laugh. Alot. Which is filling and entertaining and occasional uncomfortable. Which makes me want to watch my favorite  disfunctional  holiday
movie of all time.....and there are so many to choose from (the Family stone, 4 christmases, Dan in Real Life...etc)....but Home for the Holidays wins hands down. I mean you just can't go wrong with Robert Downy Jr, Holly Hunter and Claire Daines.  So instead of a playlist....I'm gonna leave a few clips.

and be warned.
there is some language.
and when I say some...maybe I mean alot.  but it is still great.
And it will make your family look so incredibly normal in comparison.
or at the very least you will be able to relate...


Beth (and Eric) said...

I like Thanksgiving better too. :)