missing out

Yesterday I made a list of all the things I wanted to do this weekend.
And none of them were good productive things
Like clean the house, rest, or grade papers.
These were all places I wanted to go, things I had committed to, and people I wanted to see.

And it was a good list.
Friday there was play dates, soccer practice and I had a date with my hubs. A movie. just us. And I can’t remember the last time we saw a movie together.
Today there are soccer games, authors speaking, lunch, friends in town, and other friends I just haven’t spent enough time with lately. And tomorrow is church, more authors (Donald Miller even), bands I want to hear, writers group and of course I hope to squeeze in all that stuff I am actually supposed to do…..along with good quality time with my family.

And well. As much as I try. I can’t do it all.
Or even half of it.
And I do very little of it actually well.
I get sick.
My house is a mess.
And my husband has to pull more than his share of the weight.
And suddenly my kids look bigger and know more things than they did yesterday.
And I missed it.

And so yesterday, I looked at my list and tried to scratch a few things off.
Things that I could be ok missing.
Things that I could say no to.
And it was a struggle.
And didn’t scratch off nearly as much as I wanted to.
Hardly anything at all.

But I woke up early on accident and made even more plans. I thought I’d go up to school and get a few things done before my first event of the morning.
Laying in bed before 7 am, I thought maybe I could even take a kid with me and meet a friend for coffee on the way.
I was thrilled at the thought of being productive, a good friend and a good mom all at the same time. But the truth is none of those things are done well while I am doing something else.

And this isn’t saying much because it is only 10 am.
I never made it to school. Or met anyone for coffee.
But so far I am still in my pjs. Shaun is at the gym.
And I have made breakfast (if captain crunch counts), read stories, survived a 2 year old temper tantrum, snuggled and danced in the living room and watched cartoons.
Coffee is on it’s way. And the first thing I plan to get dressed for today is my kid's soccer game.

These things weren’t on the list.
But maybe they should have been.

(and thanks Tina, for the picture and I love the new website!)


Kate said...

PJ days are the best.