spitting image

My son is the spitting image of his daddy.They are like little and big versions of the same person.
The only visible difference I can see is my husband has clear blue eyes and my son deep brown.

And it doesn't end with physical traits.
He likes Star Wars,Legos, soccer and even Flogging Molly and the Ramones.
Just like his dad.

But his crazy.
he gets that from me.
And I taught him all my moves!

and now some of you might be seeing why my sweet overenergized 5 year was struggling with kindergarten, sitting still, and following directions. But for the update he is starting to figure out school....even though i still haven't mastered the lunch card or the pick up line. We are celebrating 3 stamps (good days) in a row. With a dance party of course.


Kate said...

Hooray for good days!

samskat said...

Your kiddo cracks me up!!!! Love it!