final day and friday playlist

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ok last day of camp.
and I am worn out. completely drained.
out of some pictures and tunes will have to suffice.

and a note about the tunes. urban impact week took me back to my urban roots.
well sort of.
at least me driving around in my country club neighborhood with the windows down blaring this music out of my stereo.
be warned -- i think all of these songs are parental advisory and completely offensive. these are nothing close to the sleepy churcy songs I usually post.
and don't worry, i grew out of it.

Did I leave any "classics" out??


This Heavenly Life said...

I have a feeling this playlist will be heard by me all day. Coolio and Tupac and Beastie Boys and, and, and....the memories are overwhelming :) My brother in his 89 Camaro (Red!) with the back full of re-purposed woofers and such...bumpin down the road...

Ah, good times :)

I'm so glad you posted pictures!

Julie Harding said...

You left off Brass Monkey...that was my Beastie Boys song of choice. If it came on the radio, the windows went down & the music went up!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

ah! i heard tennessee a few weeks ago in the car and it about made my morning:)

i live at a summer camp in PA. do you work at one year-round, or did you bring kids for a week? camp is such a great experience for kids.