round after round

A few weeks ago, I had coffee with an old friend.
Actually she is an old student.
One of my firsts and my favorites.
And now she is all grown up and about to take off to join the Peace Corps.
(and I am super jealous)
So we caught up over some joe, while we were both in town.

And our quick cup of coffee turned into over a few hours.
We talked about travel and family and books.
And faith, and doubt.
And she is at that age and stage where it is all exciting.
It is all a book waiting to be written.
Where you can’t help but see God’s hand everywhere you look.

And she has been growing and reading and asking a lot of good questions.
Some of the questions I have been asking myself.
And at least three times she led into conversations with,
“how do you resolve….”
grace, but the gospel’s obvious calls to action.
passion for justice, while friends and family sometimes seem to be more passionate about the new TV lineup, or shopping or whatever.
Trusting and waiting, with going and doing.

And the teacher in me wanted to have answers for her.
And for me.
I wanted to give her the solutions.
Or the wisdom that I have gleaned in the last dozen or so years.
How I resolve those things and a handful of others.

But each time.
I just said,
I haven’t resolved much of anything.
Instead, I wrestle.
And I continue to wrestle.
And that maybe that is the answer.
Being willing to wrestle.
And evaluate, and read and pray and listen.
Wash and repeat.

Because anybody can make up an answer.
And a whole lot of people can even back it up.
But not as many people are willing to wrestle.
And the thing about wrestling, is that it is active.
And occasionally exhausting.

But eventually, we both eventually got up from the table.
And went our separate ways.
Her to Peru. Me back to the suburbs.
Ready to go round after round.


Young Mom said...

Just recently I've stopped pretending that I have answers, and I've been surprised by how many family members have been very uncomfortable with that.