the first day

I have had 11 first days as a teacher.
And I usually stress over what to wear and what to say,
just like I did in junior high.

But after 11 years I have the first day routine down pretty pat.

Today was Owen's first first day.
And it changed things.

There were a few tears.....but this blog isn't even gonna go there.
In the last school post I wrote about the million questions I had about how it would be or how he would do.

And it all boiled down to one.
Will his teacher love my kid?

Not, what kind of degree does she have?
Nor, What fabulous lesson plans did she come up with?
Not how fun and warm and inviting her classroom looks.
Or even what she is doing to get him ready for the state standarized tests.

But will she see him? Will she encourage him? Will she love him?

And today as my kids filed in.
I passed out syllabi, I showed funny video clips, I occasionally even light things on fire.
But I thought about my little boy with his lego backpack and darth vadar lunch box.
And decided that my show could take a back seat to what is most important.

Which isn't lesson plans, cool demos, lunch schedules, parking permits, late work policies or even freshly ironed pants.
It is what all their mommas are sitting at home or at work hoping for.
that I will love their kid.
that I will see them and encourage them.
At 6 and 16.
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Amber said...

I just finished reading your last post when you posted this! It's like an instant part two!

You two survived! I hope that teacher does look at that precious boy with your eyes.

Beth (and Eric) said...

Wow. That is awesome Michelle. I hope that Paige has a teacher like you some day. And that Owen is loved at school.