camp day2: not enough

One thing about camp that I was least looking forward to was eating in the cafeteria.
Well we are eating IN the cafeteria, but not going through the line.
I guess to save money.
Yesterday there was a big box of hot dogs, and chips and Capri Suns.
I was still pretty hungry after my one hot dog.
Today I was hoping for pizza.

Instead there were trays of chicken nuggets, another of hashbrowns (odd combo) and another box of clementines. I saw two volunteers frantically making plates as kids filed in and found tables. I went to help. Since I wasn’t wearing gloves they told me to pass out oranges. I reached into the box and felt something a little gooey. Not what I expected with oranges. The first few I pulled out were moldy. Something green and fuzzy was growing on the outside. I almost gagged. I started to let someone know, but figured they already did. So I pulled out most moldy ones and set them aside. I brushed the fuzz off the others and started passing them out.
I started to tell the other counselor in my group to avoid the oranges. But I felt kind of bad about that since I just passed out 21 of them to my kids.

They ran out of hashbrowns. And started filling in with leftover fritos.
Then they ran out of fritos.
Then they ran out of Capri suns.
Then they ran out of nuggets.
I think all of the kids got a plate, but most of adults didn't.

So I did what I could, and reached into the box and grabbed a Clementine.
Slightly fuzzy.
And peeled it quick, trying not to think about it.
And ate it.

Because I don’t think I could make it up to inspiration point and back without a little bit of energy.
Even if it was just a tiny moldy orange.

And I wondered how many times some of these kids had managed on less.
And suddenly I felt full.


This Heavenly Life said...

Beautiful. Your positive outlook in the midst of moldy oranges is so inspiring :) I'm proud of you for doing this!