butt check

The other day I decided that my monthly dues to the Y might be good for a little more than a donation and decided to hit the treadmills.

7 pm in January is about the busiest time for any gym. So there was slim pickings on the equipment. I finally found an empty machine on the last row and settled in. I typed in my ever-growing age and weight and picked a program. I turned up the ipod. I started sweating.
I wasn’t going to make the 30 minutes if I didn’t find some distractions. I hate watching tv without any sound. Especially home and graden tv.
I can’t read on a treadmill ( too bouncy) so I started looking around.
Rows and rows of butts were in front of me. Most of which were crammed in to slightly too tight black athletic pants.

So as I stared at all these butts I started to wonder what I looked like from this view.
Because I think I have an idea.
And it isn’t really pretty.

But my self perception is usually a bit off. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Or maybe it was even worse….
So I wondered if it would be socially appropriate to go down the rows and ask the owners of all those back ends how much they weighed?
Or at least what size they were.
So I could compare. And see where I fit in.

And yes, I had better sense than that. And I didn’t want to get beat up.
And let’s be honest. I probably don’t really want to know.
So I left with the same idea of myself that I came with.
Which is probably a little bit off.

But it got me thinking a bit about how we view ourselves.
Or even in black work out pants.
And how easy it is to get it wrong.

How easy it is to walk around everyday and not really know who we are.


samskat said...

This is why I'm doing spinning classes....I can sit on the back row, no one can see the jiggle, and once I've gotten rid of those pounds, then I can do the fun stuff!!! :)