That funky monkey

Yesterday, being O's actual birthday I let him have his run of things. I told him we could do anything he wanted ( within a 20$/20 mile range). He picked whatever our neighbor was doing. I assumed it would be storytime ( the usual Wed. routine), and figured that was pretty tame. I tried convincing him to go to the zoo, or a bounce house, or even a splash park. But he wanted to do whatever his buddy was doing. I let him knock on the neighbor's door to find out what fun filled adventures awaited.

Instead of anything remotely fun, the neighbors were just going to run errands all morning. I invited to take their son to the zoo with us, before I realized what monstocity had slid out of my mouth. Here I am going nuts w/ two, and I am voluntarily agreeing to watch one more. His mom of course quickly agreed and him dressed and in the car seat before I could change my mind.

While I was buckling him in, her son seemed to get nervous about going somewhere without his mom. You could see the tears pooling in his eyes. His mom was quick to spot this and attempted to distract him. She talked up the zoo and how much fun they would have. She said they could even sing songs the whole way there, and started singing one that had learned in Sunday School just a few days before. So she and her son eagerly sing their cute little church song, while O decides to join in. With his own song choice of course. Keep in mind, this was his 4th birthday.

"Brass Monkey, that funky monkey"

I don't know whether to be proud or embarassed by his musical choice. And off we drove singing Beastie Boys the whole way.