a few reasons to smile today

1. that the cop who was banging my door down at 1 am only wanted to tell me that my garage door was open and not that someone was dead. ( really, that couldn't have waited until morning, or i'd almost rather have the lawn mower stolen than the the pants scared off me in the middle of the night).

2. that Tess went back to sleep after her early wake up session until 8:30!

3. that i got my fat ass to the gym and loved it.

4. mexican food for lunch with a friend. (so much for the gym)

5. saving a cute little bird from the pool parking lot. ok, really wendy did the saving.......but she did use my hat to hold it in so i should get some good deed points out of it.

6. really it was Shaun's hat, and he doesn't know, which will really make me smile.

7. iced green tea with one splenda.

8. a swim lesson w/out any melt downs.

9. almost 15 minutes that both children were asleep at the same time in the afternoon.

10. an afternoon high that was less than 3 digits.

11. mexican food for dinner w/ a friend... different resturaunt, different friend. i had the will power to say no to the 2$ coronas and even a margarita but quickly plowed my way through the entire bowl of chips.

12. 10 ft tall sunflowers blooming in the back yard.

13. fireflies and pop-ice.