home has been a lot places.

2703 Pinehurst
but sometimes it felt like it in my friends' homes as well. their homes were often smaller or their parents weren't married. but it was welcoming all the same.

home was in a bunk bed on the Guadalupe river.

home was in the sun room.

and then i met shaun. and home was always with him. even when i wasn't sure exactly what i wanted and still wanted to be more wild than grown up. i knew he was home.

lately we have done a lot of traveling. i have missed my bed but most of all
i have missed that feeling. the one you get on your couch in your pajamas. or the cool slip of grass between my toes in the yard. the comfortable exhale.
watching my son catch a fish in the mountains or drive paw-paw's boat is fun and makes me smile, but not quite as much as watching him run through the neighbor's sprinklers. or the heavy weight of him when i carry him to his bed. or when the dog settles at my feet as i try to sing (badly) little Tess to sleep.

so for now, i will ignore the suitcase in the corner that will need to be packed again soon enough and go to bed early.
my bed.