one reason why i don't believe in grammar

well not grammar exactly, but today I have a beef with phonics.

I went to buy live minnows for O's camping party. ( just to play with)
I drove miles off into the middle of no where and ended up at a E-Z mart/bait shop that looked a little sketchy. I marched inside and read the prices for bait.
I then ordered 2 dozen crappie minnows and 2 tubs of worms.

Apparently crappie is pronounced like a fish I have actually heard of "croppie". The 12 year old behind the counter corrects me and stifles a giggle while I blushed and fished out my credit card.

I am sure that the men in line behind me with their styrofoam cooler got a good laugh at my expense. (ok, 2dozen crappies is a little bit funny). Maybe the bass minnows, although a quarter more per dozen would have been a safer buy. Unless of course you are in a music store, and the bass is pronounced "base".


Alyssa said...

I had no idea that's how that was pronounced! Too funny!

Margie said...

I always heard my grandfather say, "Croppy," but I never known they were spelled "Crappie." I would have done the Same Thing. This was pretty hilarious.