first day of summer

Today is my first official day of summer.
Shaun had to sleep on the alarm side of the bed and I didn't budge when it went off at 6:45 ( usually I am at school by then!).
Tess started to cry and I made her a bottle, tossed it in the crib and headed back to bed. Owen stayed asleep until almost 8 am and I got hours more sleep than usual on a weekday. I woke up rested and eager for a fun filled day with my kids, and ready to knock a few things off of my "I'll do it after school is out list". Owen was appeased with a muffin, some milk and cartoons. I sat down and read the bible with only a few interruptions. I was considering hitting the Y and working out before my friends started calling with invitations to play. Tess started to be a handful, so I decided to be productive instead. I packed up and headed to the car looking forward to 8 more weeks of leisurely mornings. I am going to be so well rested and get so much done. I might even tackle the laundry this afternoon.
The neighbors were already out playing.
Ughh, "ok, O you have 10 minutes and then I have to run some errands."

30 minutes and one skinned later we got into the car.
I did manage to knock out one stinking errand before the screaming from the back seat made me give up and head home.
The screaming contined once we got home.
Shaun called to check in, I begged him to come home, although I am sure he couldn't hear me over Owen's monster growls and Tess's yacking up the handfuls of dog fur she pulled out of the trash and was attempting to ingest.
Around noon, I thought about calling Shaun to see if he wanted to meet us for lunch but then I looked down to see spit up and baby carrot food splattered all over my shirt. A microwaved hot dog sounded better than changing everyone's clothes.
More cartoons, and a handful of goldfish for Tess = one load and dishes and one load of laundry started. I also managed to empty the coolers from Owen's party (translation -- I am soaking wet because the lid fell off and it poured all over me. On the upside, I think it rinsed off most of the spit up).

I got Tess to sleep but Owen is having nothing to do with a nap but for now he is content destroying his room, coming out every 5-10 minutes asking he can go swimming, get a pet bunny (now where did he get this idea?) or for candy.
All of which the answer is no.

I am starting to wonder if it is too late to teach summer school.