a rough start

Apparently 09 is not off to the best of starts.
Shaun thinks bad things come in 3s around our house. On Friday, I reported that I had lost my wallet. While Shaun opened the car door to help me look for it, the window fell out. So for him that was 2. He was waiting for #3 to hit. I told him it already had. Choose, the fact Owen has had a fever for a week straight ( often peaking high enough to warrant a cold bath), or the Tech cotton bowl loss ( it is a good thing my husband spend 100$ on a ticket and left me home alone ALL day with not one but 2 sick kids to witness that one), or the fact that when we took the car to get it fixed our warranty ran out exactly one month ago, or that we had to cancel our sushi plans with friends b/c O had yet another fever.
Apparently Shaun was right. 3s it is and all those other things I listed don't count.
Currently Shaun and O are at the hospital waiting amidst a sea of sick people for some nice doctor to stitch up my baby's chin. Owen fell in the tub while playing pirates and sharks ( not sure what the rules are exactly...but I am thinking that the pirates and sharks won).
Why am I blogging and not holding his hand you might ask...well I am out home w/ Tess and refuse to let her near any of that germy hospital air. If he didn't have RSV or the flu before I am sure he will come home with it. (I did go for triage, paperwork and to apply pressure on the car ride there though before you take away my mom card).
The debit card is canceled. The car window is fixed. Hopefully my son is being stitched up as I type. The trifecta is complete........meaning I expect only good things for the rest of the year ( ok, I'll settle for just making it through the week without having to stay home with a sick child.)


HypnoMama said...

Ugh, I hate the cold and flu season.