The Baby Fat Blog Tour

When my friend Tina email me a few months ago to see if I wanted to participate in the Baby Fat Diet blog tour, Tess was about 6 weeks old. My wardrobe still mostly consisted of stretchy pants. I shot back a sassy reply......something along the lines of "what? are you calling me fat?" .....and eagerly awaited for the book to arrive in the mail.
The book finally arrived, and not a minute too late. Heading back to work after Tess, meant I need to wear "real" clothes on a regular basis. Problem is most of my "real" clothes don't zip up all the way. Well at least not with me in them.
I immediately dug into my new book, written by 2 moms and dieticians Monica Bearden and Shana Aaron.
I liked the format. It was written in short chapters that can be read in any order. Perfect for a mom's crazy schedule. It does a lot to try and give you tips that are "doable" with little time and energy. To be honest most of it was stuff I have heard before......but it was all good to hear again. I went to the store and stocked up on plenty of healthy options and am already down a few pounds. I have a long way to go to lose my baby weight........but now I am armed with lots of new tips, menu ideas and motivation.
Now if only they suggested a food that would make Tess sleep through the night...

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