Parting the Waters ...part I

A few weeks ago I was talking to a good friend who runs blog tours about a student in my school.
Almost exactly a year ago, there was a bad car wreck at lunch at the school that I teach. Bad. One student died, several others were injured. One has severe brain damage and has just now returned to school. Not to the regular classes that she took before, but downstairs in the Special Ed section of the building. Now she is learning on about a 1st grade level and needs help doing almost everything.
I wonder who has had the rougher journey. The parent who lost a thriving 16 year old, or the one has got to keep hers but in a totally different mental capacity.
I was telling my friend that maybe the latter would be the hardest.
She wasn't so sure.
She knew a different story......another friend who had actually been in a similar situation and had an amazing tale to tell.

Fast forward a few weeks and Parting the Waters by Jeanne Damoff arrived in the mail.
Overwhelmed with babies, work and colds......means I haven't gotten very far into the book just yet. I'll update this review after I have finished. Until then check it out for yourself:

Parting the Waters on Amazon: