Summer has long been over. However, officially, today is the first day of fall. And I won’t be pulling out the earth tones or picking apples, because our local 4 day forecast has it in the 90s all week. Our swimsuits don’t need to go anywhere just yet. But if I go to the store all I see are pumpkins and long sleeves. Starbucks brought out the pumpkin spice latte weeks ago. Next week is the last week of the first six weeks of the current school year. I’ve even seen a few Christmas decorations.

And I do really like earth tones. And those little orange mellowcreme pumpkins and not shaving my legs. In Texas, the weather kind of skips fall. We go from hot to cold and the right back to hot again. There aren’t the amazing foliage changes that you get up North. And to be honest a month straight of 100+ heat killed most things green already anyways.

In other words, nothing makes today any different a season than yesterday. Except that the calendar says so.

I use the word season a lot to talk about phases of my life. And I’ve noticed that when I do I am usually referring to hard ones. And so sometimes it is nice to remember that it doesn’t take much change to start a new one. Just calling it something different is apparently enough to create marketing campaigns, new flavors of lattes and longer pants. Or a shift in your heart.

So break out the sweaters if you live somewhere with such a thing as autumn. And even if you don’t. The rest of you can change even if the weather doesn’t.

and a few pics that have nothing to do with fall...except for the fact that they happened today.

cupcake carnage X 24. i bought these for Tess's birthday to take to her class. And she wanted to eat knocked them ALL off the counter to try and get into them. Her class may not have gotten cupcakes. but she had one for breakfast.

crazy hair day at school. mohawk. half blue. half red. apparently i'm not the only on in the house that is a fan of some ridiculous hair.

The summer's begining to give up her fight....

(and this is the best version of this song i could find. and is awful and deserves some commentary. like the fact that Amy is on stage in plaid pajama pants. I do in fact like boys, but have seen them live. but. insist that the best place to listen to this song is outside. middle of the night. on some Mo Ranch tennis courts.) 


By Word of Mouth Musings said...

Good Lord, the carnage ... tell me you screamed loudly at that mess!