I’ve always liked the fact that Jesus’s first miracle is at a wedding. The whole water into wine thing. First of all. I like wine. I like weddings. And that is the last place you’d expect the son of God to show his divinity….making sure the wedding party didn’t run out of good wine. And he was a little reluctant of course, but he did keep the party going.

I just googled Jesus’s miracles because when I thought about it, I could think of any that didn’t involve feeding or healing people. The site I landed on listed 34. And there were a few that I had forgotten which didn’t exactly heal or feed. He calmed the seas. He walked on water. He pulled a coin out of a fish. But the other 31. Those were all feeding and healing. (and I could even make the case that the other 3 were still about relationships)…

Also I thought it was interesting that when he healed. He just touched them or pronounced it. Or told them to stand. The most complicated it got was making a paste for the blind man’s eyes. But he was in charge of the healing.

But, when he fed—other people had roles to play. The servants filled the wineskins. He gathered loaves and fishes from the crowed and disciples before somehow making that measly meal enough for thousands (more than once). He had the disciples cast their nets and pull in so many fish they thought their nets were going to break. Every time he fed, he expected other people to help.

And the miracles of the old Testament are all pretty weird stuff. Burning bushes that don’t burn. Rivers turning into blood. Seas parting. Manna from the sky. Men swallowed by whales. etc. and they even get kookier. But Jesus was all about healing and feeding. Taking care of people.

And when something bad happens. When people are sick or stressed or lose a family member and we don’t know what to do. Someone will show up with a casserole or a pizza. When my neighbor’s husband died I brought breakfast. When my friend’s dad was in the hospital I made enchiladas. When my friend’s mother in law had surgery and she had a lot on her plate I picked up burritos. When someone has a baby I bring food. When someone dies I bring food. When someone is in the hospital I bring food.

When I wanted to make up with a friend in college I showed up with a snowcone. Or Sonic. When I want to be extra nice to a friend I bring them a coffee. When I want to treat someone for their birthday I get cupcakes or chickfila or buntlets (my new favorite word). More often than not I pick it up. But sometimes I make it myself. Either way – someone is getting fed. And we all have to eat.

I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of that a lot. When I had each of my kids I was blessed with a strong network of friends and I got meals for a month. Maybe even longer. And the gift is more than just the meal, but the time and thought of not having to go to the store or make a decision. A fridge full of Tupperware when you are tired and sick and don’t want to go to the store or eat fast food one more time or just plain think about what to do about dinner is truly a miracle.

I just got out of the hospital and had a minor operation. I am feeling much better and could probably manage dinner on my own, even though I still can’t drive to the store. But I don’t have to. My dad spent yesterday in the kitchen. Chopping, cutting, stirring. Making soup. And spaghetti. A few friends have called asking if they could bring dinner. When they finally let me eat in the hospital (breakfast yesterday), I wanted something a little better than the watery oatmeal and greasy bacon they brought me. My friend showed up with perfect oatmeal from Starbucks. Another brought me a venti iced green tea. And I ate happily until I hurt.
And I have always liked food. My parents made me a bit of a food snob. And even my son thinks that lobster is it’s own food group. But when you don’t feel good or like getting off your couch. Anything you don’t have to cook yourself is a gift.

And if we look at the things Jesus did while he was here. He fed and he healed. Most of us don’t have the gift of healing or went to med school. But we can all go through a drive thru or turn on a crock pot. And turns out, Jesus calls those miracles.


Jessica said...

How nice that your family cooked for you, nothing like that feeling of being taken care of.