pictures from my phone part 2

part 1.
So it is a good thing my cellular plan has unlimited texts. But an even better thing that I have unlimted pictures.
Because. I probably send as many pics as I do words to friends. When something funny happens, like my little covers herself in marker or makup or, my students do something ridiculous....I usually do what any good mom/teacher would do and repremand them. Well, right after pulling out my phone and snapping a quick picture first. Which may totally negate the whole repremanding thing...

some st. paddy's day love

princess dress + red cowboy boots + shopping in public = lots of stairs. but it was better than the plaid pants, flower dress and fur boots we wore the other day.

an oldie, but this one will earn me mom of the year for sure. looked into the back seat to discover my daughter tyring to color herself as an oompa loompa. i should add that it wasn't the washable markers either.
my husband's awesome repair job on my car. yes. i had to drive it like this to work. and I still have duct tape marks on the side.

breakfast of champions. someone snagged my latte.

mannequins need hugs too.
hair nets and beard nets for everyone. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a beard net!

in case you can't read the medal it says i finished 3rd in the 70 and over age division

couldn't resist. I never promised I had any class.
owen's homework one day....what else can we do like rabbits. and yes. this time I totally resisted.


Kristin said...

I love this post!

Margie said...

Laughing my head off.