Warning. This is gonna be a super boring play by play kind of post. You might want to skip it. Today is the last weekday of spring break and it has been a LONG one. Shaun was out of town all week. And seriously short in the adult conversation and sleep departments.
Friday. Because the weekend really starts here.I’ll pretend it started at 3:15 but it might have just started a little sooner. I squeezed in a very quick happy hour with friends and rushed home to finish packing and headed south for a fast lake trip. Got in late. My parents weren’t expecting me. I wasn’t expecting them. But headed out on the dock to soak in the sound and smell of the water before climbing into bed.
Saturday. A great long run. Well over an hour. Lots of cousins. A packed house. A cold boat ride. A piñata. And a giant chocolate cake. A pretty good day.
Sunday. A sucky long drive back. Lots of traffic. Lots of stops. And barely made it back in time for a friend’s shower. I hate showers. But love shower food and laughing a lot. Both of which I got plenty of. Then to drop off the hubs at the airport. Ughh. The worst part of my week.
Monday. Met a friend for coffee and ran into another on the way. I love a good coffee date. But coffee dates with 3 small children often end with some crazy stares and me asking the barista for a broom. I go to that Starbucks almost every day. But. might have to wait awhile before going back. Then for some hanging out and more coffee at a friends house. We chatted in the kitchen while our kids played outside. I looked out the window to check on them only to discover Tess naked in the sandbox. Nothing about that sounds fun. Got the grit out just in time for soccer practice. And a fun dinner out with friends. Grown up friends. With no kids menus or booster seats. Plenty of laughing and good converstation. And wine and chocolate mousse.
Tuesday. Met some friends at a park to play and hike around and feed the ducks. We just scared the ducks. No hiking. But we tore up the playground. I thought it would be a great idea to climb the mini rockwall only to panic a little when I made it to the top. Eventually follwed all the other 8 year olds and climbed my way down only to chase my kid around the playground and be clotheslined by some stairs. I saw stars. Then the dentist. Who decided it was a good time to give me his personal opinions on the state of education and congress right now. Which somehow segued into the good ole days and trick-or-treating where ever you want. I’m still not sure about the connection. And then for a nice little well deserved lecture on flossing. But after a few days on full time kid duty I almost welcomed the break. Even if it involved that horrible scraping tool and someone asking me lots of questions while my mouth was occupied and my gums were bleeding. A quick change of clothes and we hit the pool. Thankfully I didn’t have to actually get in the pool because when a friend asked if I wanted to swim I had a panic attack at the thought of donning a swimsuit. It did however motivate me to shave my legs just in case I had to go jumping in after one of mine. Finished off the night by having dinner with an old friend. That involved my kids screaming and standing on their chairs a lot. You think that this would inspire the waitress to hurry it up with the to-go boxes and check. But not so much. And very little sleep.
Wednesday. Another friends house for some painting (mostly on my face) and four wheeling. I am not sure she heard the part where I told her I had never driven one before but I figured it out and there is no permanent damage. My son loved it. Tess thought they were some giant monster trying to eat her and cried a lot. Which sucked because I was really digging barreling down the dirt roads and through the trees on four wheels.  Owen had his last indoor season game and snuck a goal in against a pretty good team. Unfortunately for me scoring a goal means he gets to pick where we eat. And last time he picked Red Lobster. Which other than the cheese garlic biscuits is totally gross. Unless you are over 70 and like to eat your dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon. Another babysitter and I headed out for some live music. The venue was a little loud and it was hard to have an actual conversation. But was still a fun night with plenty of laughing, homemade fries, and friends I like a lot. And when I got home, my house was magically clean. The babysitter totally got a fat tip and I was about to ease myself into much needed bed when I noticed my son was super hot and Tess screaming and snotty. Motrin for everyone and another patchy night’s sleep.

Thursday. Big plans for the day. None of which were all that exciting to me, but I knew my kids were excuted about them….a mini train ride and putt putt with a friend in my son’s class. But at 8:00 am when I finally found the thermometer that I couldn’t locate last night and read the 102+ degrees and started canceling plans and making dr appointments. I wished there was such a thing as coffee and children’s tylonal delivery, but there wasn’t so we all loaded up and headed out for coffee, drugs, a donut and movies to help us make it through the day. I heart redbox and apparently donuts have magical healing powers. And as much as I hate that my son is sick I did enjoy the quality couch time to waste on facebook and writing down all the nonsensical details of my break that I’m sure no one wants to read rather than actually do something productive like laundry or lesson plans. Tess was ever persistent in her refusal to let me nap. At least she is consistent. A positive strep test and some antibiotics and more movies to make it through the night. A friend showed up late and allowed me to have an actual in person grown up conversation, which was nice, because I was actually considering watching Space Chimps 2 for the second time that day.

Friday. I have been waiting for Friday since last Friday. I still had to cancel my park plans because strep doesn’t go away over night but at least the kid could stand up to pee without help today. I counted down the minutes until my husband’s flight got in late afternoon. Ran a few errands and apparently my son was feeling good enough to attempt to lead all the patrons of Which Wich in the Macarena (which was not playing on the radio in case you were wondering) and Tess wondered around saying “look at my booty”. I hope she was referring to pirate treasure but am sure she was not. But 2:30 eventually came and nothing, not even horrible traffic on 35, could keep me away from the airport to pick up my husband. And even though most of the day was shot I still managed to cram in a nap, a jog, a solo trip to the store and am about to head out the door to Borders to pick up a book I’ve been waiting to read (yes, I know the rest of the world has a Nook)…

I did nothing productive. My house isn’t clean. My papers aren’t graded. My closets aren’t organized. I barely even wrote any blog posts. And for any of my friends did all kinds of productive things….it is called spring “break” for a reason. And it might have even been one if I had a husband this week. Mad props to anyone out there being a single parent all the time. I am gonna need another full week to recover.

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