drive in playlist

Friday night a friend invited us to the movies.
And not just any movies, but she had a groupon for the drive in.
So I piled yoga mats and sleeping bags into the back of my husband’s truck. She packed a dinner and we headed south to watch Gnomio and Juliet under the stars.

Me and my husband used to be big movie buffs. We saw them on opening night and would drive to weird theatres in Dallas to watch documentaries or indie films that most of our friends had never heard of. But in the last five+ years, that has waned. I still go to movies, but mostly cartoons. And I miss them. Like I miss having cable and having someone clean my house.

And I miss movie popcorn with butter or smuggling in my own candy. And I don’t have the best movie ettiquiete. I do remember to turn off my phone, but I kind of like to add my own commentary sometimes. And I have a big screaming laugh and sometimes I’m the only one laughing. But outside, in the back of the pick up, I could laugh as loud as I want…as long as we could still hear the radio. I made multiple trips to the snack bar (and potty, thank you Tess) and managed to stay awake for the ending. Barely.

And it has been awhile since I’ve done a playlist. I haven’t forgotten. I’ve just been a little preoccupied. So I’m back and this week they are all from movie soundtracks…
And I know I’m leaving a TON out, feel free to tell me more in the comments…but grooveshark is giving me fits and I should really be grading papers..

and in case you wanted to know what movies they are order..
1. Threesome 2. Reality Bites 3. Fight Club 4. 9to5 5.My Best Friend's Wedding 6. Something about Mary 7. Garden State 8. Pulp Fiction 9. Romeo and Juliet 10. The Graduate 11. Top Gun 12. Closer 13. Juno 14. Eat, Pray, Love 15. Once


Kristin said...

I love, love, love your list! I think I have almost every single one of those songs on my ipod and guessed the movie before I saw your list.

I love it!