snow bored?

What to do on a snow day?

I just googled that and landed on a great mommy blog full of 21 great snow day ideas. Like blog, bake, clean, read your bible, do your homework, play a boardgame, catch up with your friends on facebook, make cards for the elderly, etc.
And those aren’t bad ideas. If you are Jane Brady. And this isn’t your 5th snow day in the last 10 days and you have already exhausted almost everything. Watched every movie, played every game and gained a good 5 pounds. And sleet is not nearly as fun to play in as snow….

Instead let me offer my list of 21 things.

1. Get out all your old highschool junior high pictures and scan them and upload into facebook. Your friends will love that. Especially if they had braces and ever rocked a side ponytail.
2. Switch out all your husband’s games and movies and put them in new cases. It will be like a scavenger hunt for him. And again. Pretty sure he will appreciate the thoughtfulness.
3. Play the dress like your toddler who dressed herself game. (See picture). It is really fun I promise.
4. Prank call all your friends. Caller ID may have complicated that one a little. But it is still fun. Even if they know it is you keep playing dumb.
5. If you must bake – use salt instead of sugar. You won’t gain anymore weight and it will be so fantastic to watch your kids or husband bite into a cookie and spit it out. And act offended at their disgust and insist that you followed the recipe precisely and that it tastes fine to you.
6. Strictly enforce that everyone must speak in a foreign accent. And don't go easy on them like French. Pick a country you have never heard of.
7. Just for fun try and write out the words to classics like Baby Got Back and Ice Ice Baby from memory. You will be so impressed with how much you know. Forget foreign policy. This is vital stuff taking up space in my brain.
8. Teach your kids to play Hide and Hide. Forget Seek. I never get to watch daytime TV.
9. Short sheet your kids bed. I don’t actually know what short sheeting entails, but while you have the day off you might as well learn something.
10. See how long you can go without showering or brushing your hair. I made it a good 3 days last week. How can beat my record?
11. Turn your living room into a roller skating rink. And dust off those rollerblades. Play some Bryan Adams and couples skate your little heart out. No skates. No problem. Just slip around on the ice in your driveway.
12. Play charades. They only topics allowed are scenes from funny you-tube videos.
13. Do some science. Experiment and see how many licks it really takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
14. Find your husband’s ipod. Lose the boy music and fill it with songs from Glee and Kesha. Again, he will totally thank you for this.
15. Start campaigning for president.
16. Have an Easter egg hunt. No easter eggs. Use real eggs. Preferably raw. Shoes are great hiding places. And even better when you forget about one.
17. Go on a snipe hunt.
18. Text your friends while wearing gloves.
19. Have everyone clean and polish their belly buttons.
20. Have your kids gather twigs in the back yard and go door to door selling fire wood.
21. If you are really bored and desperate for some grown up interaction, it might be a good time to teach your kids what to do in an emergency. Teach them how to dial 911 and let them practice. Extra bonus. They might even turn the lights on for you.

(and no, I am not totally original. I did my research and stole about half of those from the internet...and 21 may not be enough if we don't get to go to school tomorrow either...feel free to leave me some new ideas!)


This Heavenly Life said...

Bwahaha! Snipe hunting and selling sticks as firewood door to door are probably my favorites, but...these are awesome :)

Kristin said...

This was absolutely hilarious!

samskat said...

LOVE IT! Since we're stuck inside again, we might have to try some of these!!

Kate said...

Love it!
We made our patio into an ice rink one cold snap. And my husband tried to sell mesquite seeds as a kid. Of course that wasn't when there was snow. But.

We enjoy testing the washability of our markers and crayons. And emptying the entire salt container. And sailing the seven seas in the laundry basket.

Good luck tomorrow!

Jen said...

#8 made me laugh. out. loud. I hope I remember this trick when I have kids. :)

I should probably learn how to short sheet too. I hear about it a lot, but also have no idea what it is.

KPHammer said...

um, why do you have adult-sized owl pants.........