i was made for sunny days: snowday playlist

Snow Day #4.
And we all have serious cabin fever. Don't get me wrong I love a good snow day as much as anyone else. But mostly these have just been ice days. (until this morning). And so far we have played uno, skipbo, crazy8s, sung and danced in the living room, made a fort, colored (mostly on each other), made things out of playdo, decorated cookies, made chilli and soup and waffles, and eaten it all and then some, watched every movie we own, stayed up late, slept in and when I couldn't take it anymore slid on the ice to get coffee and more colors and more movies and more food to cook and eat.
When I got the text yesterday that it was looking like no school again, I personally offered to get out my hair dryer and get to work on the parking lots. Who knew I would want to go to work so bad. And my son is begging to go back to school. I havnen't seen him want something so bad since those damn pillow pets commercials started playing on the TV every five minutes.
And this morning instead of ice, I looked out my window to see snow falling. I climbed in the attic and got out all of our ski clothes and we attempted to ski down the driveway and sled and make snowballs and snow angels. But my kids didn't last that long in the cold and we are all aching for some sunshine.
And so a summer playlist to warm me up a little. And then maybe I'll find a decent hill to sled down.


Margie said...

This play list is PERFECT. And I laughed at the part about the hair dryer and pillow pet.

What IS it with pillow pets? Already I'm being asked for more!

Kate said...

LOVE the Weepies!