Week Five...and possibly the hardest week so far.

So I am wishing that I had only made this a 4 week experiment.
I could probably.
I mean, how many people actually read this blog anyways.

But…I’d hate to disappoint the eight of you.
So I have 2 more weeks to go.

And this week,
Inspired by my favorite day of the year,
I am giving up something precious to me.
Something priceless.
Something that I am incredibly wasteful with.
Something that last night at 12:01
I magically received a little bit extra of
….well at least until next Spring when it will be taken back.

My time.

Because it isn’t always about stuff.
Sometimes it is just about being available.

Literally giving up half my time would be almost impossible
Because I still have to you know…work and sleep…
And that takes up over half my time as it is.
So there will have to be rules.

For this week,
I will at least try not to waste half my time.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(ok, for you math whizzes out there…I realize that 3 days out of 7 isn’t officially half, I am not counting Sunday...because technically I “rest” or at least try to that day anyways..)
….I will not facebook.
Or catch up on my TiVo
Or spend hours reading strangers blogs.
Or run to QT during my conference instead of grading papers.
Or all the other wasteful things that I do with my few free moments.

I think it would be bigger of me to tell you that I will serve with that time.
Or pray.
Or read my bible.
But all I can promise is not to waste it.
That I will be intentional with it.
And that I will be open and available to those around me.

And taking a nap isn’t a waste.
Or going for a run.
Or playing hot wheels on the floor with my son.
Or picking up the kitchen.
Or reading the same book to Tess over and over and over, rather than one of my own.
Or getting a babysitter on going on a long over due date.

Sadly I am a little afraid of how hard it is going to be for me to not check for new comments until Tuesdays.
Or look up everyone I used to go to high school with on facebook.
Or watch last week’s episode of House.
Or to finish one of the three books I am in the middle of.

And I am pretty anxious to see what happens in those empty spaces.


Brickmomma said...

Wish I had read this yesterday- what a powerful idea! Wasting time, esp on the computer is something I am really really good at doing. I am going to join you in your attempts. I obviously am on a blog right now, but after this comment I am signing off. I will check my email to see if there is anything to do with work or my family, but won't sign on to FB until tomorrow. Thank you for the challenge!

samskat said...

I should also try this. Really really hard to do. Or even think of doing. But maybe, if I can do it for a week, it won't be so hard. Good idea, can't wait to see what next week brings!!

Alyssa said...

Oh how your posts challenge me! I probably need another Facebook fast because the last time I did that was back in February for Lent.

spaghettipie said...

Leaving a note for you to read tomorrow. Proud of you for this journey. Thanks for sharing it, and I look forward to reading your reflections at the end of the week.

Erin said...

I can't wait to hear how this goes--you are so awesome and always thinking of stuff that makes my head hurt!