summer wrap up

so Monday morning, O and Tess go back to school and so do I. (well at least for part of the week).

I am so worn out that maybe work will be a break.
I hate admiting how bad I am at staying home.
I am tired and grumpy and selfish and count down the minutes until Shaun gets home and did I tired.

We have had fun though.
Snowcones and swim lessons and sunburns(mine).
Time outs and dishes and laundry and a living room that can never stay clean.
parks and lakes and mountians and the zoo.
lots of mexican food and sweaty sweaty afternoons.
almost never getting the afternoon nap that i was hoping for,
train rides and wiggle cars.
dozens and dozens of books read.
lots of pictures snapped.
gelatto and coffee and wine ( for those of us over 21 of course).
Tess has 4 new teeth, claps and waves and says a few words clearly.
She cruises across the furniture and I'm afraid is going to walk any day now.
Owen can swim a few feet without help and caught dozens of fish with his grumps.
And I can't keep the two away from each other.
lots of giggles and lots of tantrums.
lots of cheerios eaten and bubbles blown.
skinned knees, bee stings and runny noses.
lots and lots of long nights and early mornings.

no wonder i am so worn out. 180 high school kids have nothing on these two.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like a well-lived summer!