On Saturday I was headed to a mini-reunion of sorts. Some girls from a sorority I was in in college were getting together for lunch. Most of these girls I haven't seen in almost a decade, and some I didn't really know to begin with. I was excited about seeing everyone and catching up. I had a busy day but insisted on fitting this lunch in.
It wasn't until I was on my way to the resturaunt that I started getting nervous.
I seriously considered turning around.
I was not expecting nervous.
High school reunions of course,.......but this was just a small group of girls. My emotions caught me off guard.

Lunch was of course fine. Fun even. I regretted that I had to be the first person to leave and head off to my next event and made plans to do it again in a few months.
I got to the shower that I was hosting and my friend sensed that I was a little off and asked what was up.
I mentioned the lunch and that seeing people that you haven't been around in years and years is often a little unsettling.
Whether you want to or not you have to face the person that they remember.
That's the thing about reunions. You aren't just catching up with your "old friends" but you are remembering a bit of the old you.


Kemble K. Pope said...

hey michelle, good on you mate for writing and sharing... i didn't make the BHS reunion because i had a work commitment, but truth be told i didn't work very hard to reschedule it.

i'm doing a bit of writing myself and managing a newly re-launched community blog: