stiff necked.

No, I did not sleep funny.
My neck actually feels fine ( not that I'd pass up a massage if offered but)..
I am referring to stiff necked in the biblical sense.
(ex32:9-10 acts7:51)

Stiff necked is an odd adjective of choice. It manages to show up at least a half dozen times in the bible, both old and new testement. When I have read it in the
past I have always used my context clues and assumed it meant something like proud or stubborn. Googling this, told me that I was mostly right.
It usually used in reference to the obstinate Isrealites who keep going back to their idols. Their stiff necks keep refusing to bend to God's will.

But why stiff necks?
What about stiff backs, or shoulders or any other body part?

Ever have a crick in your neck? It makes it almost impossible to look around.
You are stuck only looking in one direction.
To some of the world this sounds like a good thing. Driven and focused.
But only looking forward has it's drawbacks.
There is no looking up.
There is no bending your head in prayer.
There is no looking back and rembering who brought you out of Egypt.
There is no looking around and noticing the needs of those around you.


samskat said...

Your blog never ceases to amaze you've grown in faith since we were campers at Loma Linda many years ago..... :) And you are consistently making me laugh (and cringe at how my faith has stalled!). Thanks, old friend.

spaghettipie said...

getting caught back up and making the rounds. Loved reading your last few posts. hope T gets to feeling better. Talk soon...