morning person

1:12 am pee
2:47 am awake, might as well pee agaian.
4:01 am wide awake and not alone. some hard jabs to my ribs and I realize I won't be going back to sleep anytime soon.
4:15 am O cries for mommy from his room. Hop up ( well, more like a throw all my momentum to one side and roll out of bed). O wants in our bed. I don't feel like fighting it. Make him pee first. I of course pee again. And both of us crawl into bed. A queen size is not big enough for me, Shaun, O and the dog ( and occasionally the cat). Reconsider a king size bed.
5:00 am my watch beeps like it does at every o'clock. damn this means I have been awake for over an hour.
sometime around 5:30 am i manage to go back to sleep.
6:30 am the alarm goes off. elbow shaun to deal with it. pee again.
6:39 am alarm goes off again. fine by me, i never went back to sleep -- but I don't want owen (who is now occupying more space than me and shaun combined) to wake up just yet. the good cartoons don't come on until at least 7 am.
6:45 am Shaun has finally made it into the shower. I give up and get up. pour myself a bowl of cereal and sit down on the couch. check email such without any distractions.
6:57 - 7:35 am watch US men's olympic soccer game w/ shaun ( this may be the most quality time we have had together all week) on Tivo.
7:36-7:39 am somewhere in there I managed to put on a bra, brush my teeth, swipe on some deodarant, pull hair up in a ponytail and find flip flops.
7:40 am get O's breakfast and shoes, while Shaun loads our still semi sleeping child into the car ( still in his favorite spiderman pjs)...cussing that we should have picked up the car last night.
7:41-8:02 am drive to carmax to pick up car. fight over radio station ( he wants the ticket, i want kid kraddick. he wins).
8:10-8:30 am drive home ( this time with kid kraddick) and resist all temptation to stop for coffee or a breakfast taco.
8:31 am back home. exhausted. is it too early for a nap??