27 pounds

27 pounds has been on my mind lately. A welcome heaviness.
No that is not the amount of weight I have gained in this pregnancy ( at least not yet).
It is the weight of my blonde three year old little boy. This is on the small end for his age ( as in we are still under the 10% percentile), but it is starting to feel like a lot.
My c-section is scheduled for almost exactly one month away ( Sept. 25). Owen is starting to get harder and harder to pick up and hold. Not that he usually wants me to or anything. He tries to be quite the independant one, which is usually good. But there is occasional required lifting.
Like when he falls asleep in the car after swimming and I hope and pray I can get him inside to actually take a nap.
Like when I lift him on the counter so he can help me cook dinner.
Like when I lift him into the shopping cart at the store.
Like when he is hurt or scared and I want to hold him.
Like when I set him on the toilet in the morning because he is too tired to stand up and pee.
Like when I sneak in his room in the morning and lift him out of his bed ( or tent) to bring him into mine so I can sneak in some snuggling before heading off to school.

My belly is sticking out enough that people try to not let me lift or carry things. Light things like a stack of papers or grocery bags. So far, my mom has been the only one telling me not to carry O so much. I of course, have not asked my doctor if there should be any limitations here. I know the wise thing to do would be to stop or severely limit picking him up now. Partly for my own back, and partly for Owen to get used to it. I have never really worked that way. That would be like eating healthy right before going on a diet to try and "ease into it". No thanks. I'd rather soak in all 27 of those pounds while I still can.

After a c-section you are not supposed to carry anything heavier than your child ( as in the one just born) for 4-6 weeks. I can't imagine an entire month without the weight of those 27 pounds in my arms. My arms will be full with something pink and perfect and smelling of dreft. But they will be about 20 pounds too light. I will miss that heaviness and possibly even the ache in my lower back.