Three and Thirty

Yesterday O turned 3. Actually it was our 3rd celebration. First one was 2 weeks early at the lake with my family. The next was my typical over the top birthday party I threw on Friday for him ( one day before we left town). And yesterday's was in the mountains. We are staying in a lodge at a private ranch and most meals are served family style. I knew there was a cake coming and Owen was pumped. He practiced holding up all fingers and and kept saying happy birthday cake all day. Dinner was over and time for dessert. I was expecting the first cake. The one with 3 candles and a toy car on it, but not the second one that was placed in front of me. Luckily they did not try to fit 30 candles on it.
30 is supposed to be this monumental birthday. I don't picture myself as 30. Well expcet when I look in the mirror and see wrinkles by my eyes. I found a grey hair about a month ago. A long silver one. Plenty of my friends have these tell tale signs........but they still come as a bit of a surprise. The eyes, every time I look in the mirror.
For the most part I am ok with 30. I am happy. I have an amazing husband, a funny kid and a little girl growing in my belly. I like my job. I have good friends and am content with who I am. Sure I wish my boobs were a little bigger, that my bank account wasn't always dwindling and that I wouldn't mind dropping a size or 2 ( pre-pregnancy size that is). But my life is good. It doesn't feel like the party is over. In fact, I am so busy throwing toddler birthday parties that I don't worry about my own.
Thirty is something to celebrate. Although I am not quite up for it this year. I keep trying to convince Shaun that I am not up for a big scene this year. This is unlike me. I am into big scenes and attention. But....I am tired and have to wear stretchy pants and can't drink anything fun. I'll stay thirty but would like to postpone the celebration until next year.
Last night O sung himself to sleep singing happy birthday to himself. As for me, I'll enjoy my last few days in my twenties.