book girl

This past year I changed schools and churches. Both of those transitions were pretty smooth in functionality. I love my new school and I love my new church and he purposes both of them serve. The community aspect of them didn't come so easy. It is hard to jump in and make new friends, especially when you still like your old ones who didn't go anywhere.
The church decision was kind of thrust upon me. One I can't take credit for. I was happy where I was.......but that happened to be in SW Ft Worth, while I live in Kennedale. It was about a 20 minute drive every Sunday........which isn't much but it was adding up. Our friends were all in there and we were here. The older Owen got the more I wanted to be close to home. When I took a new job teaching HS in Mansfield, I somehow noticed the big Methodist church on the corner. God was saying there. Loud and clear but I managed to talk him into waiting for a few more months until I at least made friends in one place, then I could start tackling another. God upped the "move" date and I found myself new and friendless at work and church. Don't get me wrong. I haven't been lonely. My old church and school friends are still around ( I didn't really give them any choice in that matter).....but it isn't quite the same when you don't see them consistantly.
So we jumped into this new church pretty easily. Found a service, found a sunday school, went to a few parties and joined a women's bible study. Just recently I have stopped feeling like the new girl. I still don't know everyone's names, but that is ok.........they probably don't remember mine either. They have tagged me though. I am the book girl. The girl who has read every book that we are considering studying next. The girl that they want to tell me what they are reading or ask if I have read. The girl they want to borrow from. I have been introduced this way more than once. No, they don't say this is Michelle, "the book girl"........but they say she reads alot or is well-read or whatever.
It is true. I won't deny that aspect of me. Mainly I just read fast and am a sucker for a pretty cover. But there is more. I am used to be the funny girl, but we already seem to have one of those. The reliable one ( turns out I am slightly less reliable than I used to be and that nametag is already taken as well).........or even the fun girl. The impulsive, slightly obnoxious one with the tattoos. At least a third of the girls around the table have tattoos.
I'm not sure what to make of this new identity. I am thinking of wearing glasses and my hair in a bun........but they don't know that I am funny yet and might now get the joke.


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

Could you be the funny book girl? I think so.